Checker Plate

Slip sheet pattern caused by the adoption of sheet metal stamping for the relief. And the other to pound down
A specific pattern of metal used to produce non-slip sheets are stainless steel and aluminum.
Embossed patterns that occur in the texture of sheet metal friction Or high friction. We also have beautiful and strong patterns.
You can use floor ground floor, stairs or even walking through the house wall decoration and industrial plants. General machinery.
A slip of the plate with the chicken foot pattern tiles pattern (5 rating) glazed glazed round through.

1. Sheet metal slip pattern can spray paint for Powder Coating the North. But if it is used outside the building should be hot galvanized or plated wah Italy Nice to prevent rust. Added durability.
2. If you use non-slip pattern plate made from Stainless steel is not coated or plated Ka Wah Nice. For the desired focus on traces of scratches should be covered stainless steel surface as an imperfection or Hairline.
3. Pour plate slip pattern on the ground can be several ways. Laying on the cement floor while cement is not dry. Pour the cement floor then install plywood sheets with a glue pattern slip into Tab. Publications and layout designs slip cover sheet. Then placed on the ground.
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